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componentes electr�nicos y electricidad

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We are the best distributor of electronic components in Spain

Distribuidores de componentes electronidos en España

Inelec is a leading distributor of electronic components in Spain. Through our offices in Madrid, San Sebastian and Catalonia, we support Spain and Portugal. Our main challenge is to ensure that all our customers enjoy the best commercial support in the acquisition of electronic products focused on all sectors: industrial, lighting, energy storage and renewable energies.

We want to be your trusted distributor of electronic components

At Inelec we adapt to the needs of our customers and their projects, and thanks to this we have become a benchmark in the distribution of electronic components in Catalonia and Donostia. More and more companies are contacting us to receive advice on all the products and components that we offer.

We are a company that is aware of the effort that our customers make to always be at the forefront, which is why we have a specialised and qualified team that knows in detail all the products that we have in stock and that we distribute in Spain and Portugal.

We distribute many electronic products, all of them from prestigious brands such as YM Tech, Vishay, Samwha, Moso, Nichia, Arcol, Electronicon and Bussmann among many others.

  • Fuses: Protect your installations from short circuits or overvoltages with the full range offered by BUSSMANN.
  • Batteries: Energy storage.
  • Drivers: Program your luminaires thanks to MOSO drivers.
  • Resistors: We offer a wide variety of resistors from the best brands on the market.
  • Capacitors: Devices capable of storing energy through electric fields, they are essential for electronic circuits. Capacitors are mainly used as direct current filters, as they prevent sudden changes and noise in the signals due to their operation. We have a wide range of capacitors, either by type of material, construction or operation (electrolytic, ceramic, film, double layer…).

For all your projects you can count on Inelec’s technical advice. We will offer you the most solvent and efficient solutions with the most prestigious brands in the market. Do not hesitate to contact us without obligation, we will solve all your doubts and advise you on the product that best suits your needs. Visit our website and access a world full of solutions. You can also call us at the nearest branch office, 917 26 35 00 (Madrid), 943 36 25 98 (San Sebastian) or 937 54 96 27 (Barcelona), our team will be delighted to help you and answer all your questions.