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componentes electr�nicos y electricidad

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INELEC, S.A was established on October 14, 1981, beginning its activity at the beginning of 1982. Its origins lie within the company JESUS ​​MARIA AGUIRRE, S.A. (JEMA, founded in 1953) focused on Energy Systems and Power and Industrial Electronics, which used a large number of electronic components for its production chain. Due to the strong demand in the sale of electronic components nationwide, its founder and President, Mr. Jesús María Aguirre Echeverría, decided to create a new company that would distribute to the entire Spanish market, thus creating INELEC.

Continuing with the diversification policy, Mr. Jesús María Aguirre founded different companies that fall within the Jema Group of Inversiones Industriales, S.A. to which INELEC would also belong.

In 2009 INELEC separated from the Jema Group, beginning its activity independently.

INELEC has always represented leading world brands, being a leading company in the electronic components sector, as an agent and as a distributor. Currently, in addition to the headquarters in Madrid (from which the demand of the Portuguese market is met), we have branches in San Sebastian and Barcelona.

After almost 4 decades of effort and professionalism at the service of our clients, in 2019 Inelec faces the challenge of adapting to the new needs of the market, giving top priority to consolidating its positioning in the renewable energy sector. To this end, it faces a complete renewal of the company’s corporate image, making its website and its presence on social networks one of its fundamental pillars in the dissemination of its values: Flexibility, Professionalism, Closeness

Mr. Jesús María Aguirre Echeverría was the living example of what is known as a self-made businessman. A life dedicated to research and work, full of an innovative spirit and a desire to find the reason for things. He was one of those men who left a deep mark wherever he went, a tireless entrepreneur, who left his soul in everything he was involved in. He was one of the founders of Adegi until 1992 and vice president of Confebask; as well as a founding member of the Elkargi Reciprocal Guarantee Society in 1981.

Thanks to their effort and dedication, INELEC is currently one of the leading companies in its sector.