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componentes electr�nicos y electricidad

Building the future

Your needs, our challenges

Our company

Since the beginning, Inelec has always bet on commitment towards its clients, providing effective solutions to develop its projects.

At Inelec, we make your needs our goals and based on our experience, and thanks to the human team behind it, we have managed to become the firm of reference in the sector.

Currently, Inelec is present in each and every industrial field, such as renewable energy, automotive sector, railway, lighting… providing specific and current solutions to optimize resources in a clean and sustainable way.

During nearly four decades, Inelec has placed within reach of its clients a wide range of components of the most prestigious brands recognized for both their quality and services, adding value based on our experience.

We offer a wide range of products to cover all applications from power electronics, optoelectronics, connection systems and electro mechanic components, focused on offering solutions to our clients’ projects.
The main aim of all those who are part of Inelec, is that our clients play an important role in our company’s structure, through friendliness, personalised treatment and dedication to their needs.

empresa mayorista electrónica

Inelec has a team of highly qualified, stable people to undertake the process.

Our experience, hope and passion for their work, makes Inelec the main ally with whom to face the challenges.

Inelec’s team, is proud to be part of the success in the electronic industry and its contribution to the development of a cleaner and more sustainable human activity.

We are sure that excellence is possible, and with this conviction, we work from day to day.

At Inelec, aware of the importance of your project, we have a highly qualified team at your disposal to satisfy your company’s needs and offer specific solutions in terms of electronic components.

Commitment, security and reliability are our core values, since we started distributing in 1982.

Commitment with our engineers and salesmen, who work from our Madrid, San Sebastian and Barcelona offices, in an active and organized way with their team to advise on finding the best possible technical and logistical proposal. We are experts in solutions.

Security, as we only work with the best brands of components.

And reliability of supply because at Inelec’s centre is a team of professionals in buying management, storage, and transport logistics, managing all orders efficiently and via meticulous tracking ensures the delivery deadlines.

All of Inelec’s components, form an articulated mechanism to guarantee the attainment of our objectives. Our dedication to the problems is our greatest assets.

We are sure that with our experience and our enthusiasm for a job well done will make us worthy of your trust.

Delegation of Madrid

C/ Bocángel, 38
28028 Madrid
Tel. 91 726 35 00

Delegation of San Sebastián

Portuetxe, 45A - 2º piso oficina 6
20018 San Sebastián
Tel. 943 36 25 98

Delegation of Barcelona

Gran Via de Lluis Companys 164-166, 2º
08330 Premià de Mar (Barcelona)
Tel. 93 754 96 27

Logistics center

Avda de los Metales 18-20 nave 2
28914 P.I Polvoranca - Leganés