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The duration of a LED light depends largely on the driver which stabilizes the current and provides thermal protection.
The drivers transforms the current from alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) adapting the output voltage to what the LED needs.

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Street lighting

Outdoor lighting

Industrial lighting

Indoor lighting

Landscape lighting

Centralised control system

A wide range of applications and easily programmable with the intelligent lighting control to optimise the light’s control, reduce energy consumption, reduce maintenance costs, control light pollution, etc.
The outdoor lighting series is divided according to the scene. It can be used widely on LED streetlamps, tunnels, flood lights, service stations and other applications.
The industrial lighting is a constant power method, the output specification can be personalized and is compatible with the regulation method from 0-10 V and PWM. The DALI version is optional. All of them are integrated and rounded in structure, being able to adapt perfectly to the mechanical structure of the industrial lighting fixtures and ensure excellent heat dissipation.
The output range is from 60 W ~ 2 4 0 W. Suitable for Factory buildings, workshops, lights of great heights, etc.
The landscape lighting is designed for constant pressure, with multiple protection, high capacity anti-rays, long lifespan and other characteristics. Output power varies between 30W and 320W, the standard output voltages are 12V, 24V, 36V y 48V.
Public lighting is designed mainly to be controlled by urban metro systems and trams. To has to comply with the DALI requirements (digital illumination interface alliance).