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Some of our products in stock

On the other hand, highlight from here some of the products that we have available in stock and that we are sure will interest you.

Fuses PV

Photovoltaic systems, like all electrical power systems, must have adequate protection against current peaks and overvoltage. We have a large stock of 10 x 38 mm fuses specifically designed for the protection and isolation of photovoltaic chains. Manufactured under IEC 60269-6 and UL 2579 standards.

  • Product: PV1085-15A10F85L
  • Fusible + portafusible  PV-15A10F85L+ CHPV15L85 KIT

Condenser Vishay

Metallized Polypropylene Film Snubber Capacitor; some of its features are: high pulse strength (dV / dt up to 2500 V / µs), low inductance construction (low ESL). They are placed across switches to suppress voltage spikes and damp transient oscillation caused by inductance in the circuit when a switch is opened.

  • Product: MKP386M447160JT3 (MKP 386M 470nF ±5% 1600V)
    • Condensador Poliprop. Metal. 0,47uF 1600V 5%

Ventilator Sunon

The ventilators can be used individually, in series or in parallel to provide forced air convection cooling. We stock a large stock of DC High Airflow 120 x 38mm 12V DC 190 CFM 54 dBA Ball Fans. The product series is RoHS compliant and is also certified under many quality management accreditation systems and has obtained various accreditations such as UL, TUV and VDE.

  • Product: PMD-1212-PMB-2-A (2).GN
  • Ventilador 120x120x38  12V B

Diode module Semikron SKKE 380/12

Diode modules provide absolute power safety in the power supply. The SKKE 380/12 is a highly reliable SEMIPACK® 3 rectifier diode module. Vrrm Max. 1.2kV 380A.

  • Product: SKKE 380/12
  • Modulo de diodos 380A 1200V

Diode module Semikron SKKD 81/08

Diode modules provide absolute power safety in the power supply. The SKKD 81/08 is a SEMIPACK® 1 rectifier diode module with hard solder joints for high reliability. Vrrm Max 800V 80A.

  • Product: SKKD 81/08
  • Modulo de diodos 80A  800V