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Condensers are designed to offer a constant yield in security applications under adverse environment conditions once the needs of the industrial environment is met.





RFI suppression


The ceramic condenser is a type of condenser (non polarized) with many uses from audio to RF. The values range from a few picofarads to approximately 0.1mF. Ceramic condensers are, by far, the most common type of condensers being used.
There are lots of other types or classes of condensers, such as those of Tantalum, polarized, which offer different level of capacitance, high compared to its volume.
DC link is suitable for automotor (HEV /EV /EV charge stations), investors / industrial drives, wind and solar energy plants. In electric vehicle applications, the DC condenser link is used as a storage device for load balancing energy.
AC filter condensers reach high frequencies, and at the same time, high voltage capacity. Used in converters and CA/ CC investors which are very common in the field of power electronics.
In the electric industry, it is normal to correct the power factor via installation or a connection to the capacitor bank which were designed by different factors chosen due to the electrical system’s reactive power.
This set of capacitors measure the fi cosine, via electric equipment and adds capacitors as the inductive charge increases, disconnecting them in the event the inductive charge decreases.