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componentes electr�nicos y electricidad

Building the future

Your needs, our challenges

Inelec, always at the forefront

Since D. Jesús María Aguirre founded INELEC, more than 40 years ago, Our company has been characterized by being a family business in which we have always been close to our customers and in which our main objective has always been to offer effective solutions to their needs.

To achieve this, INELEC has counted since its inception with an excellent team of professionals in all its departments who have made available to our clients all their knowledge, experience and involvement to respond to their requirements; and this has been possible thanks to the commitment demonstrated by each and every one of us who are part of this project. And, to achieve this, we have 3 delegations; Madrid (central), San Sebastian and Barcelona, from where we cover all Spain and Portugal.

Present in each and every one of the industrial sectors, such as, renewable energies, automotive, railway, lighting… , we have the best manufacturers in the market, contributing their knowledge to be able to carry out any of the projects that we carry out.

Sectors in which we work and offer solutions

Renewable energy

Through the wide range of products distributed by Inelec we encourage the expansion of renewable energies, betting on energy sustainability and providing solutions to make our planet healthier every day. Among our representatives, we can highlight: Eaton Bussmann, YM Tech, Meccal and Amphenol Auxel.


Eaton Bussmann

Leading manufacturer of fuse market among many other products. Fuses play an important role in installations as they provide maximum surge protection. Your products: medium voltage fuses, ultra fast fuses, low voltage fuses, fuse holders…

YM Tech

YM Tech leads the global market with innovative products and differentiated technologies. A leader in DC high voltage relays with its product range: EVR relay, EVH relay, EVHB relay, EVS relay, EVSB relay, DC contactor relay, interlock relay.

Amphenol Auxel

It is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnection and power distribution solutions in electrical equipment, power electronics and electronics. Among its range of products are laminated busbars, whose aim is to optimize electrical parameters and restrictions.


Company specialized in the design and manufacture of heatsinks and mechanical supports for the electronics industry. Products; heatsinks, liquid heatsinks.


The lighting sector is one of the most evolved in recent years. Many advances have been made, developing new technologies and using more efficient and sustainable materials. If you are interested in high efficiency, minimal degradation and maximum guarantees, do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals, we will be happy to assist you and solve any questions you may have about LED lighting. We have the main manufacturers of the market such as: Nichia, Moso Power and Khatod.


It is the world’s largest manufacturer of LEDs and inventor of blue and white high-gloss LEDs. Nichia LEDs focus on light quality, and their applications are: indoor lighting, outdoor lighting and lighting to optimize the circadian rhythm of the human body. Nichia will continue to look for higher brightness, lower consumption and higher resolution and visibility for its LEDs.

Moso Power

The main line of business is focused on high power outdoor LED drivers, covering: road, horticultural, high power, industrial, landscape lighting and transport and rail lighting.

Moso Power continues to develop new drivers to continue offering the best solutions in the field of lighting. At Inelec, we work day by day with Moso to support all our customers, helping them define the best driver solution for their applications.


Leading manufacturer of optical solutions for the main LED brands, is a pioneer in SILICONE LENSES, exclusive OPTICAL SYSTEMS, precursor of new concepts for REFLECTORS, and experts in CUSTOMIZED OPTICAL ELEMENTS.


Facing the current challenges and adapting to the new technological reality we live, requires a high level of preparation at the level of industrial electronic engineering. In addition to a high degree of knowledge of the components that will help us in our projects. Here we highlight: Arcol, Fischer, Vishay, Electronicon and Samwha.



Leading supplier of resistive products for high current, high voltage and high energy applications. Among its products are coiled resistors, high voltage resistors, metal film resistors.


Leading manufacturer of heat sinks, thermoconductive materials, boxes, connectors… Thanks to our extensive experience, Fischer focuses on developing solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.


Worldwide manufacturer of semiconductors and passive components; in Inelec we distribute the passive part, being able to offer our customers capacitors, tantalums, resistors, inductors and potentiometers among many others.


Leading manufacturer of power capacitors. The materials with which they manufacture their capacitors make them have great durability and safe operation. Some of its models are: PFC low voltage, medium voltage, DC capacitors, AC power…


Manufacturer specialized in passive components, highlight their Ultracapacitors, electrolytic capacitors.

Almacenamiento de Energía

Inelec, always at the forefront of technology, offers its customers the widest range of products focused on energy storage systems. The main ones: Degson, Harting, Kokam and Tamura.

Almacenamiento energia


Manufacturer of industrial connection solutions. High-tech company and one of the largest manufacturers of terminal blocks, VE charging connectors, circular connectors among many other products.


One of the world’s best manufacturers of solutions to connect the three essential supplies of industrial technology: data, signals and power. Products: DIN41612 connectors, power connectors, housings, pins.


Main provider of energy solutions. It is a subsidiary of SolarEdge, which is the world’s #1 single-phase PV inverter supplier. Its main products are Lithium-Ion Cells, UPS Battery Modules and ESS Battery Rack.


It is one of the largest suppliers of magnetic components and power supplies, transformers, and Hall effect current sensors in the world. Among its objectives is to maintain the highest quality standards, from the design phase to production. To accomplish this, they strive to foster an environment of continuous improvement that ensures the highest level of service, manufacturing and delivery on time.


Thanks to your confidence, and always maintaining our values: flexibility, professionalism and closeness, we have managed to be at INELEC… SOLUTIONS EXPERTS.