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Fans have been a standard in electronic cooling for decades.
Compact, silent and highly efficient, fan can adapt to any cooling situation and be connected to a network smartly. They are available in all voltages and in all standard sizes.





Axial fans are suitable for high performance with average pressure build-up. The airflow through the fan blades is parallel to the rotation axis. There is wide range of compact DC and AC fans, from 25 to 280mm. They are extremely flat thanks to the integrated motor which saves space.
The centrifugal fans are designed for high pressure with 90º air deviation and impellers carefully tailored. A wide range of sizes and hardware extension levels.
Tangential fans are characterized by the low height and high airflow. The small proportion of the impeller’s diameter (30 to 65 mm) and the impeller’s length in most of the situations always a long, flat design. The transversal section on the suction side and pressure allows the airflow to be high with a low current. The air thrown at long distances and the low noise level are additional benefits to the tangential fans.