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componentes electr�nicos y electricidad

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The contactors have the capacity to open and close charging circuits. They allow easy automatization in the stop and start of the motors, and make possible the control of a machine from various handling systems.



With a compact size which saves spaces and facilitates the CA and CC contactor system installation, engineering made easier by construction sizes identical for CA and CC contactors.
The contactors connect motors up to 1800A with four sizes which covers the range from 170A and 3 widths with an integrated auxiliary contact.
The smaller sizes, in both versions of auxiliary and motor contactors is an excellent compromise between minimum dimensions, high capacity of physical ability and additional handling advantages.
The protection module (suppressor) is integrated in all of the contactors with a direct current magnet and is pluggable.
All of the direct current magnet’s contactors have a protection circuit integrated in it (suppressor).
The tension tolerance margin exceed the requirement stated by the IEC rules, offering an excellent protection against surges and under voltages.
The contactors are for the globe marketplace. They are approved by UL and CSA.