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componentes electr�nicos y electricidad

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Connectors allow a simple, fast and reliable installation of equipment and industrial plants. Its casing protects it against mechanical movement and keeps water and dust out.

The connectors big advantage is its modularity and easy connectivity, which simplifies the more complicated cabling

PCB connection

DIN 41612



Quick and easy handling, robust, flexible, long lasting life cycle and can be assembled without tools.
Connectivity solutions to transmit power, data and signal in railway technology.
Interfaces and other products for injection moulding machines and plastic transformation, printers, metal forming machines, machine tools and machines to process and package food. These machines provide three elements which are essential for the industry: information, signal and power.
The connectors simplify the modular design of the production lines, which contributes to shorten development times, speeds up transport and simplifies installation and maintenance.
In the energy industry, using reliable connections is necessary to achieve a correct creation and transmission.
Data, signal and power interface for energy distribution and storage, with quick installation, modular designs and easy integration of the control and management systems.