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New high-tech lenses designed for High Bay applications, with a special focus on warehouses.


The new high-tech Stratos lenses are available in 60 °, 90 ° and elliptical beam angles.

The elliptical beam is the main project of the Stratos family, unique in the market for this type of application.

These lenses are the unique solution for those lighting applications where a standard roto-symmetric distribution is not sufficient.

Its elliptical distribution guarantees significant light savings, especially in warehouses. A luminaire with an elliptical STRATOS lens illuminates the same as 2.5 luminaires with roto-symmetric lenses; This is because the light is not lost at the ends and greater focus is achieved.

The PCB can contain a variable number of LEDs, as long as the total output power is between 50W and 200W

The lens has IP protection; The material used in its manufacture is the new PC 5.0 more stable and with more protection against yellowing and UV rays.

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