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Ultracapacitors are capable of storing and discharge energy quickly and efficiently. Due to its many benefits, the ultracapacitors are being used nowadays in hundreds of different applications. The ultracapacitors complements an important source of primary energy which cannot supply repeatedly high speed bursts, like an internal combustion engine, a combustion cell or a battery. The ultracapacitors are classified as a powerfully resource for alternative energy.
The ultracapacitors cells, packages and units of multiple cells has been developed to supply safe and reliable energy for consumer, industrial, transport and telecommunications electronic devices.




For high efficiency storage we include a variety line of products designed to comply with the system’s needs.
The ultracapacitor cell complies with the industry’s highest quality standards and can be relied upon for its durability, minimum maintenance and long lifespan. It also optimizes the size and power of the industrial, electronic and customer applications.
The modules are specifically designed to provide cost-effective solutions for hybrid buses and construction teams, however, it is also widely used in UPS, telecommunications and other applications of industrial electronics. They are compact modules with a wide range of voltages, from 5 volts, to start-modules up to 240 V.
The stackable rackmount modules with diagnosis and advanced communications allows a reliable performance in high power applications with fast feedback from KW to MW