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Merging a switch and an isolator in the same unit. The development of the switch technology has made an important reduction in maintenance and an increase in its reliability possible.
The isolator switch makes it possible to build more intelligent substations, which are safe and ecological due to the removal of conventional isolators. The substation which are equipped with isolator switches offer a higher accessibility to electric supply, require less maintenance and space, while reducing a large part of its CO2 emissions.

Isolator switches

Contact designs and their reduced size imply more efficient circuit-breaking and isolation functions contributing to space-saving in the installation and adapting it to more difficult installations.
The multipolar isolator switch for manual operation, break on and off load and provide safety isolation for all electric applications.
The isolator switches which have 3 or 4 poles with manual operation, visible circuit breaking and remote shooting function, work under loading conditions and offer a safe isolation for any low-voltage circuit