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componentes electr�nicos y electricidad

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ProTec devices are specially designed to be protected from surges and shocks produced by indirect impacts of electricity in the continuous part of the power supply AC/DC, photovoltaic installations, wind turbines and industrial devices.

AC protection

DC protection

Signal protection

Available in DIN rail and modular, are designed to avoid fires which can occur while working with DC voltage.
The protective devices offer the latest trends in protection technology, such as gas discharge tubes (GDT) and metal oxide varistors (MOV) in various types (I+II, II and hybrid) and variants (T1 and T2) with the following certificates (VDE – Type 1+2, IEC, EN and UL).
It involves plug-and-play model (easy to install and replace) which endow maximum resistance to external shocks and the vibration and avoids the photovoltaic arch being formed.