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componentes electr�nicos y electricidad

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Power supplies have been designed for use in the industrial sector, laboratories and telecommunications and in special applications such as marine or railway.
Power supplies have a set or adjustable voltage/current output. This allows to limit, by power supplies, the current or tension of a certain level, to avoid circuit testing interruption.
Thanks to its design, the power supplies are light and easy to transport.
The power supplies mounted on DIN rail were designed with a fixed assemblage on electric cabinets and boards. Its field of use is regulation and control. It emphasizes on high stability long term and constant voltage/current outputs.

DIN rail


Special dimensions

Various product families, from industrial power supplies to back-up and redundancy solutions.
Power supplies on DIN rail are designed and produced with an AC input (1/2/3 phase) o DC (up to 750 VCC) or DC and AC inputs. All of the families have various models classified according to output voltage and ranges from 20W to 2400W including newer technologies for higher efficiency, reliability and profitability.