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componentes electr�nicos y electricidad

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The voltage control equipment helps control the energy flow which transfers the charge.
High efficiency and the output voltage can be regulated by altering the work cycle of the control device.
These products are found in motors and industrial automatization systems. Other areas of applications include, energy supply, renewable energies (solar and wind energies) and electric vehicles (private cars, vans, buses, lorries, forklift trucks and more

IGBT Modules

MOSFET Modules

SIC Modules

They are electronical low-power systems with high energy efficiency. These systems in turn reduce the global energy demand.
The equipment which best fits the application will depend on its needs.
MOSFET power transistor used for low-voltage/current applications, with high switching frequencies, brushless DC motor, SSR and automotive applications.
IGBT has a motor and but is controlled by voltage, the same voltage no higher than the MOSFET. They are used in motors, systems. as harmonic compentors and power supplies.