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Moso Power launches its new series of U5 drivers

Moso Power launches its new series of U5 drivers; These are some of its peculiarities:

  • Cost savings: Due to its focus on offering only the essentials, and not having the 24V supply, the price of the U5 is more competitive compared to other models that may have additional options.
  • Simplified functionality: to offer only what each project needs, eliminating additional features that may not be necessary.
  • Selection Options: You can decide whether you want it with or without NFC for programming, allowing for further customization based on project requirements.
  • Mode selection: The U5 offers the ability to select between several control modes, including DALI-2, 0-10V and ON-OFF.

It is important to note that if a 24V source or a greater variety of control modes is required, Moso Power continues to offer other ranges such as the U6 and U7, which allow those specific needs to be met.

Do not stand without trying it!!