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INELEC Electric Vehicle Charger Connector Solutions

Conectores Degson para la carga del vehículo eléctrico en potencias de 4KW y 8KW y en todos los modos de carga

The car fleet is changing from conventional cars to electric cars. The European Parliament has already set a date for the ban on the marketing of combustion vehicles, including gasoline, diesel and hybrid vehicles. From 2035 all new cars and vans on the market in the EU will have to be “zero emissions”.

This will imply that in the very near future we will have to install a greater number of charging points, not only at the residential level, but also in areas with mass attendance such as shopping centers, hospitals, leisure areas, service stations, etc.

The latest report from ACEA (The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association) highlights the deficient network of charging points at a European level, where Spain does not fare well, since it is the country with the greatest inequality between land area and number of recharging points installed in it. Specifically, our country constitutes 12.5% ​​of the total area of ​​the EU, but it only has 3.4% of the total number of chargers (10,480 units), which means that it has 1.6 charging points for every 100 km, (well below the European average).

This report reflects that by 2030 a total of 6.8 million charging points will be needed in the EU in order to achieve the objective of 55% reduction in CO2 emissions. In other words, exponential growth in the electric vehicle charging infrastructure is expected in the next 7 years.

In order to meet this demand, Spain is going to have to deploy an entire network, both public and private, of different types of charging stations in the coming years.

Connectors for electric vehicle

Los conectores de carga son fabricados de acuerdo a las normativas exigidas para las distintas aplicaciones y equipos donde van a ser instalados, tanto para carga en alterna (AC) como en continua (DC). Dado que este componente puede estar expuesto a condiciones de trabajo bastante variables de temperatura, humedad, presencia de polvo, etc, deberán contar con un alto grado de protección como el IP54.

The charging connectors are manufactured in accordance with the regulations required for the different applications and equipment where they will be installed, both for alternating (AC) and continuous (DC) charging. Since this component can be exposed to quite variable working conditions of temperature, humidity, presence of dust, etc., they must have a high degree of protection such as IP54.

The IEC 61851 standard establishes 4 charging modes:

Charging mode 1

Slow charging (approximately 8 hours to complete), single-phase, alternating current and with a maximum intensity of 16A and 230V, which is carried out through a SCHUKO type plug. As these are domestic installations, intended for multiple uses, the security and protection systems are those marked by the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulation (REBT).

Charging mode 2

Slow charge, never more than 16A from a single-phase socket; It is very similar to the previous one, and is usually done through a charger that manufacturers often supply to facilitate recharging the vehicle at any point.

Charging mode 3

Semi-fast charging, which requires a type 2 (Mennekes) connector according to the IEC 62196 standard. This type of connection is the most widespread and is usually installed in homes, workplaces or shopping centers. It consists of a charging post equipped with all the necessary protection systems for the safety of the electrical installation and the vehicle. It allows monitoring of the recharge, which is usually alternating current and generally single-phase (32A – 7.4 kW) although, on occasions, it can be three-phase (63A – 43kW max.)

Charging mode 4

Fast recharge in direct current with an estimated time of 30 minutes to complete 80% of the charge (depending on the vehicle and the battery it incorporates). It is the usual one in electrolineras and in certain public places, its cost of use being the highest. This type of charging significantly reduces the useful life of the battery, so its regular use is not recommended. The charging point has a connection cable and the power is at least 50 kW, although it can also be ultra-fast, and in that case it will reach up to 350 kW.

At Inelec we have been collaborating with the electric vehicle charger manufacturers industry for many years, and in recent months we have focused on offering a high-quality portfolio to respond to the needs of this sector. We have recently included Degson, a world leader in the manufacture of industrial connectors, in our product portfolio.

Degson offers charging solutions for electric vehicles, as well as connectivity products in all areas of the electrical industry (switches, I/O modules, connectors of all kinds, relays, etc.).

Detecting the emerging need of customers and thanks to their experience, in 2020 they began to market connectors for electric vehicles, in powers of 4KW and 8KW and in all charging modes.

Depending on the location of the charging point, Degson offers us both single-phase and three-phase connectors; These connectors have a lower temperature increase due to their thermoplastic reinforcement that complies with the UL94V-0 standard. In addition, they are also associated with a socket.

Degson is a consolidated manufacturer in the industry with extensive experience in these solutions, with the ability to customize to provide tailor-made professional solutions, and with added value according to the individual needs of each client. It has strong R&D capability, with more than 30 years of technical experience. It has a team of more than 500 development engineers, committed to research and product innovation.

At INELEC we have a wide range of components for power converters, direct current contactors, display screens, refrigeration systems… and with the support of the best manufacturers in the market, contributing their knowledge to be able to carry out any of the projects that we do.

With a presence of more than 40 years in the market, and present in each and every one of the industrial sectors (renewable energy, automotive, lighting, railway…), INELEC has relied since its inception on an excellent team of professionals in all its departments that have made all their knowledge, experience and involvement available to our clients to respond to their requirements; and that has been possible thanks to the commitment shown by each and every one of us who are part of this project.

At INELEC we are experts in solutions and, together with DEGSON, we offer the best technical support adapted to the needs of our clients.

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