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U6 Series NFC Programmable Driver

The Mosopower U6 Driver with IP 20 protection is designed for road, industrial and landscape lighting among many of its applications.

Its main characteristics are:

  • Input voltage range: 176~264Vac;
  • Constant power design;
  • External NTC;
  • Dimming:DALI-2 & VMF, Dim to off;
  • NFC programmable;
  • Constant Lumen Output (CLO)
  • End-of-life warning;
  • Suitable for Class I and Class II;
  • Auxiliary power supply: 24V/250mA;
  • Surge protection: 6KV line-line, 10KV line-earth;
  • Multiple protection:SCP,OVP(Output),OTP;
  • IP20;
  • Meet the zhaga Book 13;
  • 7 Years Warranty

The U6 driver is programmed using Contactless Short Range Wireless (NFC) technology.

Driver U6 Moso


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